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Our Vision


To provide learning environment to nurture the child intellectually, spiritually, socially and physically through a core curriculum and enrichment classes.
To develop children’s overall personality through an exciting and fun-filled multi-sensory programme.
To identify in children their inborn talents and develop them to achieve the highest levels of academic and professional excellence.
To mould children’s character based on common, time-tested Indian value systems.
To encourage children to be respectful, considerate and responsible.
To expose children to global concepts, challenges and opportunities.
To provide the right impetus and environment to absorb modern technology and strive for global achievement.
To develop in children an understanding and appreciation of other cultures and traditions and beliefs.

We aspire towards creating a just and humane society where dignity of human person is respected, where unjust social structures are challenged, where our cultural heritage of ahinsa, religious harmony and national integration are upheld and where the poor and marginalized are specially taken care of.

We aim at reaching out to the students to assist them in their needs, to share joys and sorrows and to help them experience love and peace so that the students realize that our educational institution is an extension of their homes.

The School endeavors to make the students responsible, well disciplined, self-reliant, loyal & patriotic citizens. Punctuality and cleanliness are given special significance in the curriculum.

The school also lays stress on physical fitness, sports, spiritual upliftment and the development of latent and acquired talents of the students.


 >*    MRP – Motivating students by rewarding their participation.

**  JIT – Joy in teaching.

We strictly follow the continuous and comprehensive Evaluation introduced by CBSE.

Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation (CCE) refers to a system of school-based evaluation of students that covers all aspects of students development.


The children of the world are innocent, vulnerable and dependent. They are also curious, active and full of hope. Their time should be one of joy and peace, of playing, learning and growing. Their future should be shaped in harmony and co-operation. Their lives should be mature, as they broaden their perspectives and given new experiences. These experiences can bring a total development of a child socially, physically, intellectually, culturally and emotionally.

With stress on the following:-

  • Social development
  • Physical development
  • Intellectual development
  • Cultural development
  • Emotional development

We are following the ‘MONTESSORI METHOD’ of teaching in the primary classes.


The method developed by Dr. Maria Montessori attracted public attention for the first time in 1907, since then, it is universally recognized and accepted in most countries.

As life itself is never at a stand still, so the method based on observation and exercises of practical life has not had its final word. It has been continuously developed b Dr. Maria Montessori during her life time and later on by her followers and collaborators. It has influenced, to a great extent, all other modern methods of education which have grown from the inspiration and ideas originally laid down by this great educationist.

The children in Montessori school, if admitted at the proper age of 21/2, become completely liberate by 6 years of age and possess a fund of general knowledge as well as familiarity with the main arithmetical operations. All these, they acquire without any mental strain whatsoever. They also require skills in simple and proper social behavior. This way their basic education is completed during the early years of life, when they are still too young to give indispensable help to the family economy.

Now, according to Dr. Maria Montessori, the child can not be measured by the same yardstick as the adult. He cannot be compared to an adult as he is an entity in himself.  Hence it is not the adult that makes the child, but the child that builds the adult through years of biological and psychic work with material manipulated by him and incorporated in him.

Our Staff